Nov 24, 2019

Three Golden Rules For Finding Love Online

We are living in a fairly modern world, which means that there are a lot of practices that have drifted further from the traditional and have become tangled up in all things modern. One such practice that has dramatically changed has been dating. 

There was once a time that people would court; as in, they’d meet at a dance or a bar and they’d dance and sway before going for meals and eventually - if the person was right - getting married and having children. The world has changed a little since then. People have a lot less time to go out dancing and meeting each other in bars these days, which means that we must get with the times and go online. 

Online dating, to some, is a four letter word and shouldn't be allowed. They think it’s a sad idea, with anyone needing to go to the internet to get a date is lacking somewhere. Here’s the thing about that: they’re wrong. Online dating is modern, it’s on trend, it’s safe (if you do it right!) and it’s a great way to expand your horizons beyond the local bar. That doesn't mean that there aren't rules that must be followed, though. Dating in general can be hazardous (hello, Ted Bundy.) and you have to ensure that you are looking for love in the right places. Whether you are interested in Muslim dating online or you want to give online chat rooms a go, you have to follow the golden rules. Safety is key, and you want it to be the best possible experience that you can have. Without further ado, let’s talk through the golden rules for finding love online.

Man and Woman Having a Tea Conversation

  • Rule 1: Don’t Meet Privately
Remember we talked about safely? Well, when you are meeting someone online, you are meeting a computer screen with a personality. The TV show Catfish is one of the best ways to see how people aren’t themselves online. That’s not to put you off, it just means that if you hit it off with someone online, you need to meet in a public and open place - don’t go to a stranger’s house! You don't know them properly, so you need to ensure that you are meeting you are as safe as possible.

  • Rule 2: Don’t Drink
You need your wits about you for a date, and you’re not really you if you are under the influence of a drink. Not only that, but your decision making skills are pretty rubbish when you have a wine or two in your system. Stick to sparkling drinks to match your sparkling personality.

  • Rule 3: Don’t Get Physical (Physical)
It’s not about slut shaming or talking about when to have sex, it’s about sexual safety! You could meet someone and sleep with them on the first date should you wish, but do you really want to do that? It’s not all that fun to grab and go, and possibly have no clue what’s next for your future together. Slow it down and get to know them first; it’s far more fun!

Take heed, internet peeps; the online world is a big and scary place sometimes and the search for love isn’t all that easy!

Nov 20, 2019

Your Soulmate Won't Appear By Magic

The idea that a person is waiting for you to meet and love them is inaccurate. Love is a long and complicated journey, at the end of which you know that you’ve found your one. As such, finding your soulmate goes nothing like in your favourite fairy tales! Indeed, the truth is that you’re unlikely to stumble upon a sleeping princess in an empty castle… similarly, for women, chances that you’re going to be woken up by the kiss of your future darling are low. As such, you need to forget about the fairy tales world and consider the most realistic ways of meeting your sweetheart. 

You need to look for them where you feel comfortable

Love has no shape, colour, or language. However, you might find it more convenient to meet people who understand your cultural values and aspirations. That’s precisely why dedicated Arab dating or Asian meetup sites, for instance, are a popular place to get to know new people. Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable to build a relationship with someone. If comfort for you is all about your community, you could find specialist dating sites a helpful platform. Admittedly, meeting online is not a guarantee of falling in love, but it’s a good as any place to start. 
You need to make a friend first
Whether you meet your meaningful other online or offline makes to difference. In the long term, you need to build a trustworthy bond. To fall into clich├ęs, you need to become friends before you can be lovers. Friendship is an essential part of your relationship. Whether you choose to write to each other before meeting in real life or to spend a lot of time talking and enjoying each other's company, it’s up to you. Your friendship is a sign of mutual trust and respect, which anchor your bond. The more you get to know each other, perhaps the more likely the relationship will evolve into something more intimate. But at the start of every meaningful love story, there are two friends. 
You need to have shared values 
There’s a big difference between common values and common interests. Most people tend to get confused between the two. You don’t need to enjoy the same hobbies and passions with your soulmate. However, your relationship should have a common ground such as your shared sense of humour and interest in each other. Aside from a cultural background, this commonality plays at a deeper and more intimate level. It’s about how you treat each other and what you expect from the relationship. 

You’re equals in your relationship
Last but not least, a love story is an exchange between two people. If you want your couple to grow together, you need to establish from the beginning a fair and mutual bond. It would be foolish for one of the partners to think of themselves as being better than the other. You are on equal grounds. It’s the best position if you want to build a stable future together. 

Your soulmate isn’t going to suddenly land in your life without any warning. It takes time and effort to develop a relationship and discover that you’ve found your other half. 

Nov 12, 2019

Thank You McDonald's

Last week, I had my late lunch and I didn't have much time to cook and since I was alone with the dog, I decided to just take order from McDonald's. I ordered Chicken & Spaghetti meal with Cheeseburger ala carte. My order arrived at around 2:30 p.m. So I was really hungry that. I ate my spaghetti and I gave the chicken to our dog. After finishing my spaghetti, I immediately grabbed the cheeseburger.

But to my surprise, there was no patty in my burger. Since I was really hungry that time I still ate the burger. But before that, I took a photo of it and shared my rant to Twitter. Luckily, McDonald's replied immediately. I was not really expecting that they would do that.

They called me at night that same day and told me that they would replace the burger and they apologized about the incident. After a few minutes, the delivery man arrived with a Cheeseburger meal. 

So thank you very much McDonald's for making it up. I know the crew who prepared the burger is only human and sometimes we make mistake. At least you addressed the mistake and immediately replaced it. 


Nov 7, 2019

Things To Know If You Want To Start Blogging

Blogging is a very rewarding hobby. Of course, for many people, it’s more than a hobby. For many people, it can be a source of income. That doesn’t mean it stops being fun when you start taking an entrepreneurial approach to blogging; you can still view it as a fun hobby and make money. That being said, there are many reasons as to why people become serious bloggers, and this topic has been discussed on the blog before. If you have a passion for writing, sharing your thoughts, or simply being a little entrepreneurial in your spare time, then you should become a blogger. And these are the things to know if you want to start blogging.

Networking is the key to success.

If you want to start blogging, then you should try to make connections in the industry. If you’re going to start a food-related blog, then you should get to know other food bloggers in the community. Maybe they’ll let you write guest posts on their pages if you’re good at writing (they might let you promote your own blog, too). You don’t have to see the marketplace as competitive; bloggers can grow by supporting one another. You might be able to gain followers from people who already have big followings in the blogging sphere. As mentioned at, the blogging community is more supportive than you might think. You don’t have to be an island. You can grow more effectively with the help of others in this industry.

You should try using social networks to reach out to both bloggers and blog-readers in your community. LinkedIn is a great platform for networking. Obviously, all social networks intend to connect people, but LinkedIn was designed specifically for the purpose of connecting people in the business world. You could promote your blog on this platform and reach out to other content writers who might be able to help you out. As an unknown content creator, networking is one of the most valuable growth strategies you can consider. It helps to know people in the community; don’t just reach out to a potential audience for your content. Reach out to people who are already successful bloggers in the industry.
You need to find your niche.
You might know that you want to post about travel destinations, food, cars, beauty, or some other general topic. However, if your blog is too general in terms of its posts, then you’ll struggle to stand out from other websites posting content on the same topic as you. That’s why you need to find your niche. This is crucial if you want to start differentiating yourself from the competition in your marketplace. Otherwise, you might post some great content but struggle to gain a following. Or, even if you gain some followers, you might struggle to stand out on search engine result pages full of similar blogs. You need a unique brand that helps you to catch people’s eye. That’ll help you to grow a following for your blog.

So, instead of starting a blog which promises to post about general car-related topics, you might want to post about particular vintage cars from a particular era. Instead of posting about general food-related topics, you might want to start a vegan food blog for millennials. You get the idea. When you find your own niche, you might be targeting a smaller demographic than blogs which cover a broader range of topics, but you’ll stand out from the market. And that will make your website more appealing to potential readers who stumble onto one of your blog posts or simply find your home page. They’ll be more likely to return to your site in the future if it stands out from other blogs which post content on the same topic as you. If your blog simply posts general food-related content, on the other hand, then it might be more forgettable in a sea of similar websites.

It’s wise to back up your information regularly.
Businesses need to protect their information if they want to be successful in the long run. It’s about safeguarding their reputation as well as their profits; they want to maintain their image as reputable and professional companies. And, even if you’re not a serious blogger who wants to become a huge entrepreneur, the importance of protecting your information still applies. Even if you weren’t trying to make money from blogging, you should be backing up your information regularly to ensure that your content can be recovered in the event of accidental data loss.

This is good advice for any website owner, of course. After all, sites and servers can unexpectedly go down. Technology isn’t always reliable, so it’s wise to backup your precious information in as many places as possible. That way, your hard work can be recovered if there are any problems. But this does apply to any information you might have on your followers, too. You might start expanding your business in the future and selling merch or other products (e.g. recipe books if you start a food blog). In the event that you build up a client base, customers will expect you to keep their information safe and secure. You might want to check out for help with deleting backups on iCloud. That way, you can keep making room in your storage for the latest backup of your blog and its important data.

There are many ways to earn an income from your blog.
This is one of the most important things to know if you want to start blogging and making money. You have so many options in terms of turning your blog into a source of income. You could put up adverts on your home page; PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising could earn you money for every person who clicks on one of the adverts you display. Of course, if you don’t want to overload your website with adverts, then you should try to build up your following and reach out to companies which might want to sponsor you. You could get paid for promoting products and services from different brands to your followers.

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