About Me

I started blogging in September 2007. At first, I wanted to have my own online diary since I love writing at that time. I also love to keep memories. Until I found out I could earn from blogging. I decided to find a good niche for my blog, something that would interest me and inspire me to write. I decided to focus on Fashion, but time was tough for me at that time so I was not able to continue writing/posting about fashion. I also changed my web address many times before I came up with  now www.pinkyjhaney.com.

Later on, I decided to change it to a Lifestyle Blog since I love doing different things. I love to eat, travel anywhere, try on make-up, etc. I also write about random things. I can't maintain a lot of blogs so I just put everything and anything I that write on this blog.

Presently, I always write about my experiences as a nurse - about my work, my life abroad, and things I do outside my work as a nurse.

I hope that even in small things I could inspire other aspiring nurses out there because I also went through difficulties, challenges and trials before I came to where I am now.

Enjoy reading my blog!!!

Korean Drama/Series/Movie Addict:

Arthdal Chronicles
Coffee Prince
Crash Landing On You
Descendants of the Sun
Itaewon Class
Kingdom Season 1
Kingdom Season 2
Korean Odyssey
Princess Hours
Sweet 18
The World of the Married
The Doctors

The Battleship Island
The Flu
The Treacherous
The Villainness
Train to Busan
Train to Busan: Peninsula


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