Feb 21, 2020

Keeping Your Home Safe Is Paramount

Keeping safe is everyone's first priority. Whether it's keeping your finances safe, keeping your keys safe, or even keeping your secret chocolate stash safe from the friends and family...we all make sure we do it. Keeping your house safe is of course, just as important. We value our homes so much, so it's important to make sure we're doing all we can to keep them safe. If you have a house that doesn’t have a gate, you may also find that you have to park your vehicles on the drive or street and this can mean you’re more of a target for theft. You need to keep everything safe, even your car’s roof rack. Let’s say you have bought a new roof rack from Roof Rack And Towbar World, you would not want someone to try and attempt to steal it, which is why you need to take some steps to look after your entire home. 

Photo: Pixabay

In recent years, there has been a steady decline in burglary but this is only minor, and with cybercrime on the increase, being vigilant has never been more important. Some of us can be quick to let the world know on Facebook where we are, when we are there, who we are with, and this kind of information is gold to internet stalkers, who are constantly finding new ways of getting access to your house and possessions. Of course most of us lock the doors, and have safety precautions in place, such as alarms, window locks, gates, and even cameras, but it's super important to make sure that you don't become another statistic, because burglary and theft can be such a life-changing occurrence, to the point of creating personal and emotional issues, that really, prevention is better than the cure! You don’t want to feel as if you need to move home because you no longer feel safe or happy.

With a few basic simple tricks we can add another level of safety to our houses, some of the top ones include:
  • Ensuring that you remove any rubbish around your home, this can make it look like you are away
  • Keep your windows relatively free from overgrown bushes/plants so it doesn't create added privacy for burglars trying to get in
  • Keep lights on with light timers when you are away so your house is never in darkness 
  • Keep Facebook and Instagram posts/location tagging to a minimum (this may sound silly but it is important)
  • Make sure you have an effective hiding place for important things, avoid putting them in the typical places like draws, safes, under the bed

Of course these are really the basics, and it is as far as we can go to protect our homes without any outside help. However, there are companies that do offer networking systems that work to protect your home, with very little effort from yourself. Even big brands such as Panasonic offer Smart Home solutions, which will monitor your home. Be sure to be savvy and avoid any type of home break in. 

Feb 20, 2020

Coffee Blossoms

I think this is the first time that I saw coffee blossoms that's why I was so amazed at its beauty and its scent. I really loved the smell. The coffee blossoms smell like Rosal flower. They said that the flowers smell even better in the morning. I wish one of these days I could one morning in Cavite just to experience it.

The weather was really pleasant that day and we could see from the sky. It wind breeze was cool and the sky was so blue. It was really indeed a very relaxing day.

So I walked around the farm to see the coffee plants and took some instagramable pictures. I really enjoyed looking at the coffee blossoms.

Coffee blossoms everywhere. I really love nature and I really dream of owning a farm in the future so I can place various types of plants and trees. Nothing beats the plant produce that's from your own farm/garden.

I am looking forward on harvesting the coffee fruits in a few weeks/months or so.

And get to taste our own produce. I am sure it will really taste good 'coz it's organic.

Feb 2, 2020

Girl Got Skills: Why You Need To Learn To Fix Your Car

As a woman, it’s expected that you should give your car to the garage to the fix or let your partner fix it up to work well for you. Here’s the thing: you do not have to live up to that expectation! You are an independent and strong woman - you can buy your own car, so you can fix your own car if you have the inclination to learn how to do it! 

Sure, it can be intimidating to stare under the hood of a car if you haven't ever taken a look at yours before, but that doesn't mean you can’t do it yourself. Once you believe in yourself enough to learn, it’s just one more skill you can add to your bow. Learning how to fix up your car gives you the chance to do more for yourself, and you can start buying your own parts on TDot Performance as you get more confident with knowing what goes where! So, let’s take a look at what you need to know to fix your car yourself.

Red Screw Driver on Brown Wooden Surface

1.    Changing a flat tire isn’t tricky, but if you haven't done it before, it could be a fun one to learn. You may find yourself with a flat tire at some point in your life, and you want to be able to change it when you’re stranded somewhere. If you learn how to change a tire, you can get yourself to the garage to buy new ones if you need to. All you need is a jack and know where to place it! 

2.  Your headlights will break on occasion, and it’s a common car repair to change your headlights. It’s an easy repair to make, so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed by it. If you can change a lightbulb at home, you can easily change your headlights of the car. All you have to do is pull back the lining of the car and swap the old light for a new one. 

3.    Windshield wipers are often in need of a change, especially every one to two years. Knowing how to change yours is a must so that you don’t get stuck - especially in horrid weather. You just have to snap off the old ones and add the new ones instead!

4.    Speaking to a mechanic is essential before you make any changes. Unfortunately, the auto industry is dominated by men, so you need to make sure that you don't get scammed by a mechanic when you go. So, do your research, find out how much parts cost and what you’d pay doing it yourself. Then ask for a quote. If you’re quoted more, learn how to make the changes that you need - but never tell them that you know nothing about cars. Even if you’re clueless, make them think you know things!

These are only a small range of repairs you could learn for yourself, but that doesn't mean you couldn't learn all you want to fix your car yourself. Be independent and get your skills on: you are in charge!


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