Feb 1, 2013

Outfit: Semi-formal for the Seminar

We had only a minimal amount of time to prepare for the seminar to be organized by our group. Since I didn't have the time to buy clothes for our attire, I just tried to find some nice clothes to wear in my closet. Luckily, I found a nice skirt that has been hanging in my closet for almost a year now. I was thankful that I could wear it. You know, sometimes I become an impulsive buyer so that's the reason why I bought this skirt. LOL 

My outfit was semi-formal. I opted to wear skirt rather than wear slacks since it is too common and it was a good decision because I was the only one who wore a skirt. 

After the seminar, I changed my skirt to jeans so I could move comfortably around the hospital. It's a bit difficult to move around wearing a skirt especially when you're carrying a lot of stuff and you were always in a hurry, right? By the way, I borrowed the bouquet of flowers from our speaker for photo op. Hahaha!!! 

Blouse - Bazaar 
Skirt - Bazaar 
Jeans - Herbench 
Shoes - Figliarina

The Seminar

We were really glad that we almost had a celebration when we finished the seminar. It was a blast. It went well though there were some minor flaws but it happens unexpectedly. At least we can now breathe freely without the feeling of butterflies in our stomach...

Date: October 9, 2012


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