Dec 17, 2018

Monday Madness

Today is the day that Filipinos unite to celebrate the victory of Catriona Gray winning the Miss Universe. We had to finish the pageant before leaving the house to do our respective activities.

Photo Credit: EONLINE

It was very intense but I really felt that Miss Philippines has a big chance of winning the crown. Afterwards, I went to Robinson's Place Manila to claim my PRC license. I found it hard to find the exact location of the PRC satellite branch inside the mall as there was no signage that I could l follow eventhough I already asked 2 guards inside the mall on where I could find the location of PRC. I got kinda disappointed when I asked the direction as they didn't give me proper instruction since I wasn't that familiar with the mall. 

After a few minutes of searching, I was able to finally find the place. To my surprise, the line was already a little bit long. I arrived at past 12 noon since my appointment time was PM. So I had to patiently wait since the line was moving too slow. 

Finally, I was able to finish at around 4:20 pm. The steps were very simple but it took a long time since there was only one cahier for a flock of people. I was expecting I'd be able to do other errands that same day but unfortunately I wasn't.  Anyways, I got really hungry waiting in line so I decided to eat when I finished.

I was craving for spaghetti from McDonald's since I've been eating spaghetti from Jollibee these past few days. And also, since the weather was hot, I ordered Coke float. But I got really disappointed since the crew put too much ice in it. I don't think just because I didn't tell her to lessen the ice, that doesn't mean she'll put that much. It almost filled my cup with ice. I hope she should have put just enough ice.

Anyways, it's done so next I know better. I'll just tell the server, "Less ice please." LOL

Before going home, I remembered to buy a new laptop mouse because my old one isn't already working fine. It always double click even if I press it once and I already changed the battery so I decided to just buy a new one 'coz it sucks especially when I'm pressing the play button in YouTube.

What a day it was! It was already dark when I finished the things that I had to do. I had to do other stuff aside from PRC ID renewal. I was so damn tired...

Dec 2, 2018

Chill Time

As I've told you, I've missed a lot of foods that I've used to eat when I was here in the Philippines. Aside from that, I missed bonding with my friends. We used to eat and drink even if we just stayed at home. Just to chill sometimes. But these days, we meet to eat and drink at their home at least once a week. 

Since it's going to be a holiday the next day, my friend and I decided to hang out in their house. We ate homemade Nachos and barbecue.

Well, I'm going to miss doing this when I come back abroad. 

-November 29, 2018

Hello, December!

I've been in hiatus in a couple of countless months already and I've been inconsistent in posting on my blog for the past couple of years already. I've had a lot of pending posts which made me think if I'm still going to post them or just move on and post new ones. I've been into a lot of things. I've been very busy with work and other personal reasons which hindered me from writing on my blog. But I really wanted to update it with the things that I'm up to. So starting this December, I will try my very best to revive this blog with new stuff like travels, food, beauty and other random things since this blog of mine is like a sort of my online diary that I wanted to share with people.

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I wanted to keep a very memorable long stay here in the Philippines so I wanted to write most of them on my blog. I will post a lot about foods especially Filipino foods as there are lots of food that I've missed eating ever since I started working abroad. So expect many food blog posts from me. 

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