Feb 21, 2014

I'm Blogging Again...

I missed this little virtual space of mine. I haven't been that active in the blogging world for 2 years. Yeah! That's a very long time. 2 years (I guess more than that) of battling with myself or let's just say that we have our own crisis in life. And this time I'm trying to patch things up with myself and try to continue with my life and move ahead. So 2014, please be good to me and give me what I would work hard for. Please! Please! Please! 

I guess some of you can relate and some will say, "This girl is crazy stupid!" But let's just accept it that there comes to a point in our life that we have so many questions with ourselves with so little answers and it left us blank with no idea which way to go. 

I'm not insane but I've got some issues in my life that only me who understands it. I guess it's a mixed of issues with family, friends, colleagues, other people and other things and even with career. And I am now trying to resolve these things with myself. I shouldn't let my fears eat me alive. I should conquer these issues in life. I should be strong... and patient. 

Now I'm rebooting myself, trying to start all over again. Enough with blaming and regrets. Nothing will happen if I let negativity come my way. I know I'm not that strong but I should be STRONG. I know I have family and friends but at the end of the day the only person I have is "MYSELF." 

So this is the NEW ME with my head held high saying I CAN DO THIS!

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