Sep 2, 2009

I'm So Addicted with FB Applications!

I'm so addicted with playing FaceBook Applications right now. At first, I ignored all of the invitations not until I got curios that so many people are playing most of them. I tried to play Farm Town, and gosh! It was really so addicting.But I've switched to FarmVille now. I also play Barn Buddy, which is also farming but this application only takes a few minutes of my time unlike the other applications in Facebook. What I hate about this is that your crops can be stolen by others which affects my earnings. Well, that's part of the game. Sometimes, I enjoy stealing crops more than harvesting my own. Hahaha!!! You can also put weeds and bugs to other farms. Just like what happened to mine. I'm most addicted to Sorority Life and I'm sure there are also lots of women out there who is also addicted. I just enjoy the Glams that I can get from it. Since I cannot afford the most expensive things in real life, at least in this game I can have those branded things. But you cannot buy all of the Glams, some require you to spend your Brownie Points wherein you collect each time you complete a level or an activity in socialization. I also used to play Restaurant City and YoVille but I'm not that active with these two applications anymore.
Oh! So many applications to play in Facebook, but I still have to work that's why I have to limit them. They're so addicting but if I play all of them, I might not gonna have enough time for my work.

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