Mar 1, 2010

I Want a Pink Beetle!

PENDONG, KALAS! I know some of you are familiar with these words. When I was in grade school, everytime we see an old beetle my friends and I would make fun of saying those words sabay 'batok' with each other...LOL)

But if you would ask me if I want to have my own hobby car, I would definitely choose an old school beetle. Wanna know why? I was really attracted with it's body, it's very cute and it never ran out of trend. Beetles are certified stunner, if you drive one around, people would really look at your car especially if it's modified.

I also find it 'astig' if it's driven by a lady. If I have my own beetle, I will really PIMP it and paint it pink. I guess it will not be just a hobby car for me, it will be a daily car as well... Hehehe....

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