Apr 5, 2012

Chic&Cheap: Swimsuit from Divisoria

Would you believe it if I say I only spent more or less 100 pesos on my swimming outfit? Yes it's true it's just that I can't remember exactly how it cost; I think the tankini costs around 50 pesos and the boyleg bikini is around 30 pesos (just an estimate). I got them from Divisoria when we had some shopping there. It wasn't really a pair, I just chose these two and paired them. Patience is really needed in order to find cheap and good finds inside the 168 mall. My friend and I were both lucky to see a stall that has sale items. I guess those items were not sold or... reject?? 'coz some have damages and some have tags. 

But who cares? At least we found good stuffs there. I bought around 5 items there which cost more than 200 pesos only. It was really cheap. I loved my swimsuit and worn them twice already. I feel comfortable with it since I love boyleg swimswear and besides, it hides my flabby tummy except my back with bilbil. LOL
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