Apr 4, 2012

Pacific Waves Resort

We planned to go to Mt. Batulao but we changed our mind because we know that we would just suffer from heavy traffic so we just decided to go swimming. Since it was "biglaan," we just searched the internet for a resort located in Bulacan, somewhere that's near our place to avoid any traffic. Paul was the one who chose the resort. So we hit on the road and we were both excited to swim since the weather was very hot. 

It was our first time to reach this far in Bulacan. It was somewhere in Norzagaray. We love exploring new places so we really enjoyed the ride. It took us more or less than an hour to reach the place.

The resort has their own version of Eiffel Tower. It's where they do the rappelling. Unfortunately, we were kinda' disappointed by the flock of people swimming in the pool though it was already expected since it's already summer. It was crowded already and Paul was a bit "maarte." We already paid for the entrance and we were lucky that they allowed us to refund our money.

So we decided to just go to Pacific Waves Resorts since it was very near our place and we've already seen the resort before, it's located in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. 

We arrived at the place at 5pm already so we had a night swimming and it was raining a bit. There were 2 swimming pools here 1 for adults (5ft.) and the other one are for kids (3 ft.). Both pools are medium sized and we were glad that there only few people there. The place was clean and it has a nice ambiance.

Swimming time! I was excited to use my Kodak underwater camera. Paul was a bit paranoid when I dipped it in the water. We were both glad that nothing happened. It was working fine and I really love my new gadget. =)

Enjoying the splash of the fountain. Having an underwater camera is really a good investment if you love swimming just like me. Too bad my camera got scratches 'coz it fell on the rocky part of the part. Paul wasn't able to grab it when I handed it to him. It was our first time to use the camera. At least it was just scratches and nothing worse happened.

We drank beer and margarita after swimming. The resort have a mini restaurant. 

We enjoyed eating their pizza. It was really yummy and cheesy. =)

I got really tired and I fell asleep right away when I got inside the car. I just woke up when we arrived at our house. By the way, all of the pictures taken here were courtesy of my Kodak C123 12MP Waterproof Digital Camera. Just in case you want to see the quality of the pictures.
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