Mar 16, 2009

Torn in Between the Two

Guys, as much as I want to avoid fights...
I know I can't...
You both LOVE me...
and I both LOVE you.
I wanna be with him but I also wanna be with you.
I don't wanna hurt your feelings much as I don't wanna hurt him.
I'm afraid of losing him, but I'm afraid of you leaving me.

If I could just bifurcate my heart so I could LOVE you both..
Then why not?
This is a very complicated situation for me...
and as days go by,
it keeps on breaking my heart
To see myself torn between the two of you.

My heart says I love him more
No, heart says I still love you
When I'm with you,
I think about him.
But when I'm with him,
I think about you.
My heart is confused...

I hate your bad ways,
But I still love you.
I like him for being him,
Which makes me love him more and more.
My friends hate you,
but I still love you.
My friends like him,
And I love him for that.

This can't be forever,
But who should I choose?

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