May 5, 2009

Photohunt 1: Walking

I'd like to apologize to sis utotmopink 'coz I wasn't able to make the first photohunt post. So I'd like to make my very first photohunt entry.

This was a stolen shot taken by my boyfriend when we had a vacation in Ilocos. It was me walking away from him. We were having a fight that time and I just wanted to walk away from the worries and troubles in my life. Sometimes walking away from them doesn't mean that I'm giving up. It just means that I'm sick and tired of it.


  1. okay lang yun sis kahit ngayon ka lang nag-post :) at least, may first entry ka na.. enjoy photohunting!

  2. sis, kakaenjoy nga eh mag picture eh. Kaso may pagkabusy ako kaya hopefully makapost ako ulit sa next entry. TY


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