Jan 28, 2013

Different Hair Styles: Part of Moving On

I really love my long hair but you know sometimes I have to learn how to let go of my treasured "crowning glory" just to make me feel good and stronger... and to start anew. 

I used to have a long hair with a straight across bangs. This is my all time favorite hairdo. I just love my bangs. 

Then I got tired of maintaining my bangs so I had it side swept. But unexpectedly, crazy things happen in our life, right? So sometimes we had to do some crazy things just to make ourselves feel good just in a while so I decided to experiment with my hair. I think it's what most women do when they wanted to move on. 

I decided to have a Katie Holmes inspired hairdo. At that time, I didn't know why I wanted to cut my hair short. I just wanted to do it. I felt like it would help me feel better and would help in my moving on process. 

But it turned out to be Dora the Explorer. My co-trainings noticed it so most them called me Dora the Exploiter. Hahaha!!! But I loved my hairdo. 

Then I did some changes with my bangs. But when I was feeling down. Feeling stressed and depressed. There's this driving force inside of me that was telling me to have a new hairdo again. Maybe it's part of my moving on process... to feel good and look good. 

So I had my curls!!! Yes, this is my latest hairdo. And I really love it! Feeling Korean lang ang peg! Hahaha!!! I know this feeling I have right now is just temporary and I will surely just laugh about the crazy stuff I've done including my blog post about ehem... 

New hair... 
New life... 
New beginning... chos!!! 

How about you what crazy things did you do when you were moving on?

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