Aug 17, 2019

Celebrating my Brother's Birthday at TongYang

We've decided to just celebrate my brother's birthday in Tong Yang since it's more practical and easier so we will not prepare food. Our family really enjoy buffets especially when you can grill your own food and cook your preferred soup. That's why Tong Yang is our go-to restaurant for that. 

We prefer the Tong Yang in W Mall, Pasay City because we've noticed that it is not that crowded during lunchtime and it's not the first time that we've eaten here. So it's easier to go around the food stations to get some food because there's no line. 

Unfortunately, we've noticed that they did not serve sushis and the salad bar had only few lettuce. Both of these are the most food I always look for in a buffet. The good thing was the fee was lower this time so I think it's fair enough. Otherwise, the food was still good.

At least we enjoyed the food and had fun and got to celebrate my brother's birthday. We seldomly spend time with our family due to work and other engagements in life.

My family
My two nieces actually enjoyed their sweets. =)

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