Jan 30, 2020

Why Cybersecurity Is About More Than Just Software

Many new business owners understand the importance of cybersecurity. They know that it’s vital to protect their business and they’re more than willing to spend time, effort and money on protecting their business. However, it’s vital to spend your resources wisely in order to protect your company’s data.

One of the most common things to do is install software solutions to protect your business. This could mean antivirus software or even firewalls to stop suspicious incoming traffic. You might also have security features attached to any cloud services you use. Unfortunately, having software to protect your business isn’t the end of your responsibilities–you also need to educate your employees.

One of the biggest sources of cybersecurity breaches comes from social engineering. By abusing a lack of knowledge from your employees and tricking them into giving up their passwords or security details, hackers can easily waltz into your business’s network and wreak havoc. Whether they decide to steal information, delete records or install even more dangerous software, a breach can be incredibly damaging to your business.

Not only does it expose your data, but it can subject you to heavy fines due to regulations such as the GDPR. Any breaches of data must be reported as well, meaning the general public will lose faith in your business. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of penalties, but it’s safe to say that any kind of data breach will hurt your business.

Below, we’ve included an infographic on how you can combat cybersecurity threats, but we also recommend educating your employees on safe computer practices.

Infographic: University of Alabama Birmingham

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