Feb 4, 2022

New Year, New Hope, New Perspective in Life, New Me

I have been in hiatus for almost a year already because I got really busy in a lot of things besides, I didn't have the drive to think about what to write. Maybe the pandemic has contributed to my down times. Much as I wanted to keep my blog updated whether I have readers or not 😁, I was busy battling with my own demons. My personal issues has really taken a toll on me to the point that my emotional and physical well-being has been affected.

So for this year, I am looking forward on changing this habit of mine and try my best to be optimistic no matter what happens. Our mental health really matters so we have to help ourselves and blogging is one of my outlet ever since I started. 

Starting this year, I choose to be happy and just enjoy life even if life is so tough for me. I am planning to lose weight as I have gained a lot (more than 10 kilos). I wanted to be fit to gain self-confidence. I wanted to keep my sanity. 

To start the year with a good vibe, I have decided to have a new hairdo. I had my hair cut short and dyed to blond. I really love the result. 😊

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