Dec 15, 2007

my last party at SBE

Yeah... Sad to say but it's my last party at Standby English. I had so much fun. I enjoyed it a lot. I'm gonna miss the SBE peeps and of course my students. Even if some of them gave me a nose bleed, I will still miss them. They've become a part of my life.

Well, enough of the drama. We had so much fun in the party. We had spaghetti, tacos, gimbop (I hope the spelling is correct. It's a Korean food), fish, and of course, fruit salad. I wasn't able to help Teacher Ricky to prepare the fruit salad due to a circumstance. We had a videoke. I was shy to sing so I only sang one song. The song is 'Tell Me Where it Hurts' together with Teacher Jona.

The party ended at about 2 in the morning. I was kinda' sleepy already.

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