Jan 12, 2008

The Problem with My Surname

I feel sad right now cause my nurse license is not yet released because of some kind of discrepancy on my surname. It's always been my problem. If not with my surname, it's with my middle initial.

Well... My surname is dela Peña it has (Ñ) but on my birth certificate it was only written like this (dela Pena). It was too late when I found it out because my birth certificate is not readable. I mean you can not really read my name and surname on it. So I have to fix it.

The problem is I have to fix it to the municipal where I was born. Damn!!! It was too far from Manila. I've got to travel about 10 to 12 hours back to our province just to fix the problem with my name. But if I don't do it, I will not get my license and I might have further problems with my applications like with my visa.

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