Feb 8, 2011


It's my first time to wax my hair on my finger toes. I was really excited to do this not minding how painful it would be because I feel conscious everytime I see hairy toes. The hair on my big finger toes are really long. I feel 'diyahe' everytime I wear sandals and my friends notice how long they are. I didn't know why it took me this long before I decided to wax my feet.

I used this brand of wax since I am not really familiar with which to use best. I got this from Watson's so I guess this is a good buy. I was so stupid when I buy the waxing material. I wasn't able to use the was right away because I forgot to buy waxing strips. I was very excited pa naman.

This is how my feet looks when they had long hair. It's eewww!!!

This is my new feet. When I tried to pull the strips up, I lose my guts. Masakit pala. I know it's my first time so I had no choice but to pull the strips. When I got the hang of it, I enjoyed it a lot. Pain is beauty, and no pain no gain. Haha! This is how my feet looks after waxing them.
Now, I can be confident with my feet even if I wear sandals or flipflops.


  1. I also have hair on my toes but it's thin naman so I don't think I have to wax it yet. Super ouch kasi yun eh haha. Tried waxing my underarms before and it was like hell.

    Why don't you just use Veet cream? so there'll be no pulling involved, you just have to scrape off the cream after, the hair goes away with it :)

  2. Thank goodness for Watsons :) now you can always have waxed toes anytime. Next stop, shoestore for that nice pair of sandals :)

  3. Yes, will really buy a nice pair of sandals. Sana my sale. :)

  4. @ Madz, I tried Veet cream before parang ang hirap maalis yung hair eh. Veet has also ready to use waxing strips. Will buy that pag naubos na wax ko.

  5. You're courageous sis! ;) good thing you can do it yourself. i am afraid to try a do-it-yourself waxing. I might do it wrong. Instead, I used to go to lay bare salon for my underarm waxing.

    Now you are ready to show off your toes with a beautiful pair of sandals.

  6. Thanks, I only go to lay bare for my underarm and eyebrows.



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