Feb 26, 2011

When Bad Luck Comes My Way

Just this morning, I was supposed to go out and eat porridge with my friend just inside our village but something happened bad to me. I guess I should somehow blame myself for being careless. Unexpectedly, my right lower leg was injured so bad that I had to rush to the emergency hospital for immediate treatment. And who's the culprit?
Our rusty gate did it. I need to go to the hospital to have it cleaned and sutured. Also, I needed to get anti-tetanus shot.

I was really scared to go to the hospital to get injected and sutured. I know I'm a nurse but I still have a phobia on needles. The injection of local anesthesia was a a bit painful coz I felt the needle going inside my leg. I almost cried. Thanks to my friend who accompanied me and to her brother in law who drove me to the hospital. =)

I really hate intra-dermal skin test. It hurts a lot compared to intramuscular injection. But I had no choice. I actually had no choice for everything of this because it just happened my leg needs to be treated.

This is how my right leg looks after the minor operation. I really hate it! For sure it will leave a scar when it heals but the doctor said the scar would be minimal coz he used a dissolvable stitches that was stitched inside the skin (it was like a caesarian method) so there would only be few stitches on my skin.

I had to get my anti-tetanus shot on both of my shoulders. I wasn't really scared to the injection coz intramuscular injection wasn't that painful.

After I got my ATS injection, the cute doctor (yes, you heard it right =)) gave some advice on what to do with my wound at home and gave me instructions regarding the medications, I can now finally go home to eat and rest. By the way, the doctor almost looks like Kim Tak Gu of Baker King. LOL

I spent more or less P4,000 (about $93) with my hospitalization including all of the medicines I need. Unexpectedly, I spent that much for today just because of a simple accident so I should be very careful next time.

According to Doctor Kim Tak Gu (LOL), I should minimize the mobilization of my right leg and I should not be exercising coz there might be an effect on its healing process. So that means I won't be able to attend aerobics class next week. Huhu... Right now, I cant really walk straight and I cant even bend my foot.

I hope everything would be okay with my leg coz when the Doctor cleaned my wound he saw particles of rusts in my it. I hope it was cleaned 100%. You know, sometimes my imagination gets wild that I think of the negative results. I didn't really look at my would during the suturing coz I can't bare to see my own leg with an open wound and being sutured.


  1. Ouch! Kakatakot naman yan sis. Ingat po. Yang mga rusty at matulis na bagay pede talaga makapag-cause ng tetano.

  2. Thanks sis. Don't worry, lininis ng mabuti ng doctor ung wound bago niya tinahi. Mejo makirot na siya ngayon kasi wala ng anesthesia.

  3. gosh! thinking of the injections you had pa lang nakakatakot na. take care!

  4. sis pagaling ka and ingat palagi.
    by the way, ang gwapo ng doctor mo. sana lahat ng doctor kahawig ni Baker King.. lol! :D

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  5. ang haggard...dahil lang sa gate x.x

  6. @Claire - sobrang sakit ng injection ko sa anesthesia. Nararamdaman ko ung gamot sa laman ko.

    @Mel - thanks sis. Sobrang careless ko kasi kaya nangyari sa kin to. Guwapo at mabait ung doctor. Kaya habang tinahai ung sugat ko naka smile ako.LOL

    @Mihia - yes, dahil lang sa gate, nasugatan ako ng malalim at kailangan pang isuture.

  7. Sutures? It must have been a real bad wound :( hope that's the end of your bad luck sis.

  8. Hopefully sis, ang hirap ng ganito kasi di ako makalakad ng maayos and ayoko magka scar pero no choice ako. Naka 3 stitches din yung wound ko.



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