Mar 28, 2012

Weight Problems

For the past few years, I've been battling with myself on losing weight. I really missed my old body. I used to have a flat tummy and small arms. I can say that I had a healthy body before, not too flabby but not too thin. I've been trying different types of diet and workouts but I guess they wouldn't work if I'm not doing it religiously and I don't have eagerness in achieving my goal. Sometimes I wanted to try supplements like Evogen Evp and go back to the gym in order to have my nice shaped arms and abs. I really missed going to the beach without any worries on what kind of swimsuit to wear. Now, I have to use coverups to hide my big tummy and arms. I guess I should work hard on this to help myself lose weight and be fit. =)


  1. I've been battling with weight problems too. Another blogger and I are cooking something like a support group on losing weight, you might be interested. :)

    1. That's a good ides sis. I'm interested about it. =)

  2. im in the process of losing weight too! :(


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