Sep 22, 2019

Blogging since 2007

I checked my past blog posts and the very first one that I've made was dated on September 25, 2007. Yep! I've been blogging for already 12 years. My blog has undergone a lot of things like countless blog theme/skin changes (hoping to keep the present one for a lifetime 'coz I love it so much) and URL changes. I've gone through different URL changes because there were times that I feel like it is not unique or corny. Then I've come up with, I think this is very me and so unique. I think I can also make it my brand name in the future if I wanted to start a business. What do you think?

I know I've been so inconsistent in posting stories on my blog. In fact, there's a lot of pictures  (especially old ones)  that I have kept in my laptop and cellphone which I'm planning to share in my blog but until now, to no avail, they are still stucked to where they are. But I will still share most of them on my blog sooner or later. I'm planning to be more consistent and to make time for my blog in spite of my busy schedule.

Why am I blogging?
My blog is like my online diary wherein I write about random things that I want to share to people. I love keeping memories with my family, friends, pets and the things I love doing. Sometimes when I feel down, I just browse my blog and read my past blog posts. It gives me a smile to my face 'coz it brings back memories.

Oh! It also gave me somehow a small income. This helps me maintain my domain name. Sometimes I use my earnings to buy stuff like make-up which sometimes I post reviews about.

To my readers (if I have any), blogging is really fun especially if you love writing. This is a wonderful therapy for me during my free time. 

Thanks for taking the time in reading my blog. 

Happy Blogging!!!

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