Sep 25, 2007

when i was a child

we lived a very simple life when i was just a child... i was born in our province, isabela... my mom left me when i was just a few months old... she had to work abroad for us to survive... my dad was the one who took care of us... i have one sister and a brother... i was the youngest child...

we lived with our grandma and grandpa together with our cousins... their parents were also working abroad... our grandparents served as our real parents that we also call them just like what their sons and daughters call them..

we had a small house in our province but our yard was very large... large enough to plant different kinds of vegetables and trees. i can still remember, we didn't have to buy vegetables in the market because it was readily available in the yard... we can eat any kind of fruit because we just picked them from the trees. i can still remember, we just climb the tree to pick mangoes and eat them together with my grandparents, siblings, and cousins.

i only stayed in our province for about 2 years...

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