Feb 2, 2009

My Friend's Cat

My friend from UK just sent me some of her cat's pictures. Actually, she just wanted to show me the picture of snow in her place since it is already snowing there. But then she also included her cat in the pictures. Hannah the cat, is so cute and cuddly. She's chubby and I love chubby cats!I guess my friend sent me Hannah's picture because she knows that we are both cat lovers. Anyways, here are the pictures that she sent me:
The tree that has no leaves is an apple. I wish I could plant apples on our yard here in the Philippines but too bad they never grow here.
Jaran!!! It's Hannah Banana!
Ooooppppssss!!! I wonder what she's doing in this picture.
Just enjoying herself on the snow.
I wonder how cold in this place right now? But hey! I still wanna try to go to a snowy place like this. I wish I could go there someday. Hehe
Hannah! Look at meehhh!!!!

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