Feb 26, 2009

Be Man Enough!

I hate guys who cannot stand by their decision. I don't really appreciate that! Imagine, he would tell me that he loves me with all his heart but he keeps on hurting me and telling me words that tear my heart into pieces. If you love me then why do you have to tell me those words? Be man enough and don't hurt my feelings!

If you love me then why when we were on the rocks that you would change your decisions every other time? You'll still fight for me and then let's just be friends and still fight for me and then wanna break me up 'coz I hurt you? Which is which? I get so confused that I couldn't decide that time.

If you are man enough why do you have to degrade my self-esteem? You would always compare me to your ex-girlfriends! And I don't think a true man can do that! What hurts me most is that you are obliging me to buy you things I cannot afford. I'm not your mother, not even your wife! And then compare me again to your ex-girlfriend who can afford to buy you all those precious things. Daymn! You don't need a girlfriend! You need a sugar mommy. Another thing that's affecting my self-esteem is when you told me I'm ugly, I'm "pandak" (small), you're girlfriend is prettier, they are richer, and you don't even know why you loved me! What the heck! If it's just a pity then you must really go before I burst out!

And lately, (this just proves that you are not a man) you called me telling me you missed me? What the f*ck, I thought you already gave up? Then what do you mean by that. You even told me that you would still fight for me and then after that day you'd tell me again that you were hurt so much about everything I've done to you and... give up again?

You're driving me crazy!!!

All I can say to you is if you really love me then give your best shot, try to win me back (if you can) and leave your b*tch! But if you really had given up then leave me alone! I'm better off alone with a fake man! This is really a GOODBYE for us. I've got ten thousand reasons why I should dump you and million reasons why I shouldn't stay with you.

*Thanks to my blog 'coz I can show the whole world how much I hate you now.

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