May 3, 2011

The Royal Wedding

On January 29, 2001 the whole world stops for a while to witness the historical wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Everyone was very excited about the wedding dress of Kate Middleton. We can't help but compare Kate's wedding dress to other royal weddings. Well, I just love observing the people's dress on that occasion.

According to some, Kate's wedding dress was inspired by Princess Grace Kelly's wedding dress.

Which do you like more? Princess Diana's wedding dress or Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress?

Pipa Middleton's dress was compared to Cameron Diaz' dress which she wore some time in 2010.

Princess Beatrice' hat really caught my attention.

Some bloggers made fun of her headgear. LOL

The 'frowning flower girl.' Everyone noticed this little girl during the Duke and Duchess' kiss.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their family.

Fairy tales do really come true. I wish I could find my prince charming someday just like Kate Middleton. =)

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Mail Online


  1. I felt speechless when Princess Beatrice came out of the car. Even Anderson Cooper who was hosting the event on CNN couldn't say anything when, in fact he had a lot to say about the other hats. How could they allow the princess get out of her home wearing that hideous hat?

  2. I definitely like the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress, hands down! A classic, really. I am not a fan of Princess Diana's poufy affair.

  3. @chew on this - it was really shocking. I wonder what's on her mind when she chose that hat.

    @blackshirt - yes. Less is more. The wedding dress is really beautiful.

  4. I love Kate's wedding gown. It was classy. Befitting a duchess, really.

    Beatrice's hat is a story all it's own. I can say so many things about it, which I can sum up in two words: absolutely horrid.


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