May 23, 2011

My Bloody Examination Experience

Just this morning, I took the examination for nurse applicants in a government hospital. I was one of the 260 hopefuls wishing to be hired in that hospital. But unfortunately, they will only get 10 applicants for interview. They will base it according to 10 examinees who got the highest scores then they will have the chance to move to the next step which is the interview. What makes it more disappointing is that they will only hire 2 applicants among the 10 for the position of a staff nurse. It was really shocking!!!

I'm really disappointed and the moment I heard that, my hopes and dreams suddenly crashed down. The questions were really difficult. Well, honestly I didn't study too hard. I just scanned and skimmed the things I think might be in the exam since I only had few days to prepare but luck was not on my side. I just received the text message 3 days ago regarding the exam and I have work  The preparation was really short.

Most of the questions asked were not the things I've studied. It's like my brains suffered from severe hemorrhage when I was answering the test. What makes it more difficult is that it is time pressured. We had to answer the test for 1 1/2 hour only. The test consists of: a. 80 items multiple choice, b. 20 items enumerations and c. 10 items drug computations.

When the exam was ended, I felt like I wanna cry 'coz I know that there is a very little chance of getting hired in that hospital. I've been really hoping to get a work as a nurse but it is not that easy getting a nurse job in our country. But that won't let me from giving up. As the saying said, "Try and try until you succeed." =)

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