Jul 25, 2012

A Hobby That's Turned into Business

Hello Sisses, Readers, and Blog Hoppers... I want to promote my small business, I don't really consider it as a business as of now but I want to sell my creations. I am selling handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other beaded stuff. Please help me like my page, share to others, or anything so my page will get an exposure. LOL

Please see my store here: Pink City

A big big thanks if you will hit like... Thank you =)

PS: For now, I only have few items but more will be uploaded in the future... I just can't find where I've put the other stuff. Teehee!


  1. I like your creations sis esp the blue tassle earings!

    1. Thanks sis. =) Like nyo na po FB page ng online store ko. LOL



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