May 21, 2011

Cherry Tomato and Sunflower Seeds

Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies since I love plants and flowers. It is very therapeutic to me especially when I'm stressed and tired from work and other matters. Recently, I bought two kinds of seeds when I was in Puregold Subic. Each costs only P50 (around $1.20). I was supposed to buy more seeds but I don't have too much time to do the gardening.

I was very glad that I found sunflower seeds since I really love this flower. I don't know why but this flower is very appealing to me. For me, they look like they're smiling and always happy. I wanted to plant lots of sunflower in our yard but our garden is so magulo so I decided to plant them in a pot muna.

I also bought cherry tomato seeds. I just love planting tomatoes. I already have tomatoes in our garden but in different variety so now, I wanted to try cherry tomatoes.

I'm so excited to see them grow especially when they bear fruits and flowers. For now, I have to be patient and take care of them so they'll grow healthy.
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