Apr 28, 2009

What Will I Be at 24?

May is really near and next to that is June, which is my birthday. I'll be turning 24, and I'm still jobless. I haven't found any hospital to work with yet. I've been a volunteer nurse just year for six months and I used to be an English instructor to Korean students for almost 6 months on 2007. I've been wanting to have a stable job. A job that is related to my profession which is a Nurse. I am already a licensed nurse but what's the use of it if I don't practice my profession?

Some of my friends who are also nurses are lucky enough to get a job as a staff nurse in a hospital but some are like me. Sometimes, I just wanna think that somehow I'm lucky to have my online job as a source of income since I don't get any allowance from my parents anymore. But it's so frustrating to be living like this. The more I stay at home the more I think about my situation.

I know there are a lot of other opportunities out there. Maybe I'm not just lucky enough... or maybe I don't exert much effort. But no matter how the so called recession affects the Filipino nurses right now, I don't lose hope. I know I'll be able to find a job for me may it be here or abroad. Who knows what tomorrow brings but I don't wanna for too long and for now, I'm left with the question - WHAT WILL I BE AT 24?


  1. Go job hunting now :)

    Btw, tagged you just recently. Pls check my blog asap. Tia!



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