Nov 4, 2010

My First Eye Brush Make Up Set

I just bought this eye eye brush set from because it's very cheap and affordable compared to the branded ones. I only bought it for 550 pesos (about $12) so I made my bid right away after reading its product description and other details.

This is my first eye brush set and I'm very excited to buy more make up and accessories. I really love putting on my make up. I feel confident and sexy when I have it on my face. It's actually one of my hobbies, when I feel bored and just wanted to rest inside my room, I play with my make up. I try to experiment on different shades of eyeshadows then take a picture of me to see if it looks good on me.

What I also liked with this brand is that it is earth friendly. The handle is made of bamboo and I can smell it everytime I use the brushes. I love the smell of nature.

I am really starting to collect make up. For me, it's my investment. LOL... So feel free to comment on my blog for any tips and suggestions on what are the good make up brands or anything about make up.

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