Nov 12, 2010

My Own Version of Potato Salad

I went to Banchetto in Ortigas with my friends last time to check the place out. Actually, there were many people in that area because they said that most people eating there are call center agents. The crowd was thick that time and while we were looking for food to eat, we had to walk very slow. It was around 12 midnight when we went there. While we were choosing what to eat, I saw a potato salad and it caught my attention. I ordered it and it only costs 60 pesos (about $1.50). It was delicious and my friend liked it, too. So, I decided to make my own version of it.

Here are the ingredients:
1. Small potatoes about 1 kilo.
2. Miracle Whip
3. Mayonnaise
4. Mustard (optional)
5. Parsley for garnishing

What I did is that I washed the potatoes very well. I also brushed it because I included its peel. I just boiled the potatoes until they're soft.
I cut them into halves. Put them into a bowl and do the mixing. I just put about 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 2 tbs. miracle whip, and salt and pepper to taste. I chopped some parsley for garnish and voila! It's really. I think it's more delicious while it's hot.

I love to prepare delicious and simple dishes. This is my first time to post about cooking on my blog and I hope you liked it. I'm trying to learn how to cook some of my favorite dishes so I can prepare it myself.

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