Oct 24, 2011

GT: My Dream Kitchen

Eversince I learned how to cook, I started to enjoy it that sometimes I cook special foods even if there's no occasion at home. Sometimes, I post the picture of the foods that I cook here on my blog just to share it to my readers. Because of the internet, I was able to learn new recipes and sometimes I do experiment for me to discover what ingredients would fit to the dish. Cooking is really fun and it makes me enjoy it more especially when the people who taste my dish appreciate it. But sad to say, the place where I create all the magic is not something that represents my personality. Though I can't say that I don't like our kitchen. But if I have the chance to renovate it or if I would own a house, my kitchen would definitely be like that on the picture. I want a clean and well organized kitchen. Ayoko ng maraming abubot 'coz our present kitchen is like that and I find it very magulo! Pink is the color I want for my kitchen which is very girly and very ME. =)


  1. pretty in pink..hehe..

    blog hopping here..

  2. very beautiful kitchen, wish to make your dream kitchen comes true :-) visiting for GT, hope that you can visit me back too


  3. awww.. so girly and airy! i love it! i wish you get your dream kitchen built soon!



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