Oct 13, 2011

My Lappy is Back!

Last Friday night, around 8:00 pm, I was using my laptop with my work thought I usually use my desktop for working when I decided to watch TV for a while leaving my laptop open when I suddenly fell asleep and woke up at around 6 in the morning. I still used my laptop until 9:00 am to check for my email and other websites not realizing that it was already suffering from overheat. When I was done browsing, I turned it off.

After 2 hours, I turned my laptop on but to my surprise I didn't see anything on its screen. It wasn't loading or anything so I tried to remove the battery and put it back then turned it on several times. But to no avail, my laptop wasn't working. So I told Paul about this matter since he has more knowledge with this matter than I do. But he was also clueless about the cause so we ended up brainstorming about it. He brought it to the technician last Monday but they were not sure what should be fixed since they have to open it and it will be charged P1,500.

So just today, we decided to bring it to Gilmore for a second opinion. Luckily, the technician guy that we've approached was sure about the problem of my laptop and he even gave us some tips about its processor. According to him, I should've really avoided using it for long hours since the processor gets easily hot and it's not good for a laptop. He was able to fix my lappy but he told me that I should not overuse it or else it will be totally broken. I was really saddened about it so that means I cannot use it for working anymore to prevent it from overheating. The technician said that I can only use my laptop for about 3 hours to maintain it.

But somehow I was happy that my lappy was already fixed. I thinks that's the most practical thing to do. To have it repaired to Gilmore than having the chipset (I don't exactly know the name) replaced which costs more or less P8,000 because the technician gave us two options and I chose the cheaper one. I only spent P1,500 on it. I think it's better to buy a new laptop than spending P8,000 since my laptop is already more than 3 years old.

Afterwards, we headed to Timog to find a place to eat since it was already 1:00 pm. We were supposed to eat at Yellow Cab coz I've been craving for their pizza but while driving around the place, Paul saw Max's Restaurant so we just decided to eat there since I suddenly craved for their chicken.

While we were waiting for our order, we saw Lito Atienza with his son (I think) eating there, too.

Potato salad with beer on the side. Yes, we are drinking 1 bottle of beer in the afternoon. Hahaha!!!

Tofu with lechon...

Max's fried chicken. The main reason why we're here!

We were able to finish all of the food. I really felt good since I don't have to worry with my laptop anymore. Kaya ginanahan akong kumain. LOL

So here's my lappy. Jaraaannnn!!!
This is an old model of MSi laptop. But hey! It might not be the best lappy in the world but for me this has sentimental value because it was given to me by my sister just last year. I've been using it for a year now. Too bad, I overused it. From now on, I will really take care of it. I even bought a notebook cooler from CDR King, the one with the blue lights underneath it.

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