Oct 19, 2011

Four (Re)Peat...

I did my best but I guess my best wasn't good enough... Oh well, sometimes life sucks! This will be my fourth take of IELTS because I wasn't I able to meet the required score from my past 3 exams. I so hate it because this is my first time to take an examination that took me a lot of attempts before I can meet the needed score. It's like I don't wanna take the exam anymore since I'm already sick and tired of it. I just wanna go to Canada. That's all! But I need to have a qualifying IELTS score and that's one of the most important requirement to enter that country. I want it so bad! That's why I'm very frustrated. I'm now scared to take another exam because I feel like I won't be able to make it again. But I won't give up! I guess God has good plans for me... maybe He's just giving me a test... to become stronger, wiser, and more patient so when I get there I would be able to face the different challenges that may come my way. I hope by next year, NURSE is still included on their eligible occupations.

For now, I have to inhale... exhale... take a deep breathe and focus. I know I'm gonna make it! Pero sana last take ko na to at ang mahal ng bayad sa exam. I hope this time God will let me get a higher score.


  1. Sorry to hear that :(

    Try it harder next time sis!

    But you are not alone, I took the other kind of test just like IELTS here in US, I forgot the name already... It was pretty damned hard! I did not know if I passed or failed because at the end of the test I decided not to send my score to the university where I applied for schooling.

    I am planning to try it again maybe next month.

  2. Thanks sis =) I will really try it harder this time.

  3. that was sad :( i teach IELTS review and I know how difficult it is. hope you do better next time..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on The Sign?



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