Jun 21, 2012

The Birthday Celebrants

Me and my other two friends' celebrate our birthdays on June. So we decided to celebrate it one day. It's like a sort of reunion at the same time since we rarely see other. We were supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdom and TagayTIDES but for some reason, we ended up celebrating it at our residence. 

The birthday celebrant! Don't mind the clutter on the background. LOL We decided to have a potluck for the food to save time in preparing. Of course, this is also a drink session so you see 3 big bottles of beer... sobrang healthy ng lifestyle namin. Hahaha!!!

With my girlfriends. The first and second from left are the other birthday celebrants. 

Our cute and yummy cake... Too bad we didn't blow any candles...

The last person to arrive at the party was our one and only guy. This picture is funny. Butchie was staring at food he was holding. LOL

We really had a lot of fun that night. I miss these people a lot. Some of them haven't seen me for more than a year so the first thing they told me the moment they saw me was: "Ang taba mo na." Hahaha!!!


  1. Such a wonderful celebration! happy birthday sa inyong mga celebrants!

  2. uii hello there June babies! June baby din ako! Happy birthday satin! :P and sarap ng fooods. waaaa yumm

    1. Thank you. Happy Birthday din sa 'yo.(^^,)



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