Jul 23, 2011

GT: My Birthday Wish

Well, I have two wishes for this year. And I hope it will really come true. My first wish is to get my target score in IELTS exam. I am really praying hard that I will only take the IELTS exam once (fingers crossed). And my second wish is the Canadian Immigration Visa. I'll be the happiest girl in the world if I get approved.

The reason I want to go to Canada is that I want to experience living away from my comfort zone. I've been so dependent with my Mama and Sister. I think it's time for me to find a work and live alone. This is really one of my dreams - to experience the life in a first world country. I'm not really after the big pay as long as I'll have a decent and permanent work there. As a nurse, it's really hard to find a work especially when you don't have a backer so I think it's better to render my service to a place where the hiring process and income is fair.

I hope everything will be okay. I hope there would be no hassle and everything will be smooth sailing. This is not really an easy decision for me but I've noticed that I wasn't doing much for the improvement of my career in life when I'm living with my family. So please pray for me in this stage of my life. =)


  1. Lots of good luck for you exam, sweety! Crossing my fingers for you ;) It surely would be a great exeprience for you :)

    Happy weekend!

  2. Good luck on both wishes sis! Just keep praying for them and God will surely answer. =)

  3. Thanks sis. This will be in God's will if my plans are meant to be. =)

  4. i hope you get both your wishes! i know how it can sometimes feel like you're restrained when you're living with the fam. a move to become independent will definitely be a good change for you :)



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