Jul 1, 2011

GT: My Memorable HS Moment

Actually, I have a lot of memorable moments during my high school days. I really wanted to share them all but my post might take more than 2,000 words just to elaborate each of them.

I couldn't really think which should I share to you so I browsed Facebook again if I can see a good material to share to you. Luckily, I was able to see this cute group picture with my friends. This was taken when we were in Second Year High School. Everytime I look at this picture, I remember something. I was the first girl on the left part. If you look at the picture, there's nothing wrong in there, everything is normal. But guess what, I was standing on a very thick telephone directory because I was the smallest girl in that group pic. According to the photographer, I should use a telephone directory so there will be less height difference with the other girls especially with my friend beside me. My friends were laughing at me during that time and I really  felt embarrassed. What can I do? I am really small. =)


  1. Back in elementary, me and my best friends were some of the smallest girls on our batch. Thankfully, come high school we grew up a bit (except for one) and no longer have to always stand at the front of the line. ;)

  2. hi jhaney, thanks for sharing this photo! Well you may lack the height at that time but you sure did make it up when it comes to charm and beauty!Truth is, I think you still stood out from that pic because of your girly,innocent smile! happy gt and have a great day!

  3. Thanks for your comments.

    @blackshirt13 - you're lucky at least you grew up a bit. On my case, yes I did grow up but I'm still one of smallest in the in class.

    @Shawie Girl - thanks for your wonderful complement. I really appreciate it. =)

  4. lovely picture! celebrates the youth in you..

    MY ENTRY is here!

  5. why, i agree with Shawie, you were indeed the cutest in the bunch! never mind the height. i could give some of my height to you if you want :D

  6. Thanks Beauty Queen Gene =) How I wish height could be given to other pips like me. Hehe...



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