Jul 10, 2011

Losing Weight with Aerobics

Photo by: istockphoto

Since January, I started to attend aerobics 'coz I feel like I'm gaining a lot of weight. Before, my waist measures only 26 inches but now it is already 32 inches. It is really alarming for me 'coz I'm afraid to get fat. I am having hard times wearing my old jeans. I can't pull it up because my hips are starting to get bigger and I already see some stretch marks. Is this the price I have to pay for working at home?

So I decided to get serious for my aerobics so I bought rubbers shoes and 3/4 pants. Got my pants from SM Surplus Shop for only P199 (around $4)

Now, I'm ready =). I wanted to buy Nike shoes but it's more expensive so I just bought World Balance in SM Department Store. It only costs P1230 (around $29). Off course, pink is my favorite color so I chose this color.

Honestly, it's not that easy to lose weight. Discipline is a must if I want this whole thing to become a success. I should be consistent in attending the aerobics class and most of all, I should watch my diet. What can I do? Ang sarap kumain eh. LOL


  1. Masarap talaga kumain sis. =D What worked for me (in losing weight) was playing badminton. Nakakapawis kasi talaga, and you really get to move your whole body. Enjoy pa laruin so no pressure for me at all. I lost weight before I knew it (even though I wasn't even trying to). =)

  2. @blackshirt - I also wanna try badminton kaso wala ako kalaro. LOL

  3. Nice shoes ..Good luck in your aerobics my problem namn is my tummy since i gave birth with cs ... anyway thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. @workingathome - thanks for visiting my blog, too. Problem ko din ang tummy ko. Yun talaga ang major problem ko. Ang hirap kasi paliitin. LOL

  5. Pretty pink shoes! I love pink too. Hey, enjoy your yoga! :D

  6. Thanks sis, it's actually aerobics =)

  7. Brisk walking in the morning worked for me before. Plus portion control. I'm not into avoiding my fave foods kasi so portion control is the best compromise for me. Hehehe!

  8. Thanks for your advice. I'm trying to eat in portion na din especially rice.



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