Jan 24, 2012

Ilocano Specialty

I cooked this yesterday because I've been craving for a poqui-poqui, yes that's the name of the dish which is a common food from Ilocos. The name is not that really nice to hear but it tastes really delicious. This is very easy to prepare you just have to saute' the grilled eggplants with onions, tomatoes and beaten eggs. You can see the recipe here: Overseas Pinoy Cooking. This is usually eaten at breakfast but I had it for lunch. =)


  1. nakakatuwa nga name niya. parang omelet with eggplant. visiting from GT. =)

  2. Looks good sis but the name sounds funny hehehe!

    I've missed eggplant :(

  3. Thanks sis. You should try it. =)


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